Beyond Karma (Actions)

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The ultimate goal of the Buddha’s teaching is not simply to achieve good effects with good Karma (Actions). This is a worldly goal. The real goal is to go completely beyond the chain of Karma (Actions) and its effects. As long as we continue to do Karma (Actions) and accumulate Karma (Actions), we continue to submit to birth and death, thus encountering pain and suffering in various forms.

Whether one is now living in a lucky world or in an unlucky one is a secondary issue, since all states of existence are unstable, with no real permanence. The Karma (Actions) is created due to the attachment to good or bad actions. This attachment arises out of ignorance. By developing our memory and insight and learning to see things as they really are, we can put an end to this attachment and ultimately detach ourselves from Karma (Actions) and its effects.

Then, we discover the freedom beyond Karma (Actions), the freedom beyond continuous rebirth.