Started on 08/01/2020Wednesday 18.45 - 20.45

Every Tuesday at 18:45 we hold online theoretical courses on Vipassana (insight meditation). Participation is free of charge and you can register on the following link:

The previous courses are available in video format:
1st course 14/04/2020
2nd course 21/04/2020

The concept of Vipassana that is also known today as mindfulness has been corrupted over the course of the centuries, compared to the authentic teachings of the Buddha. The authentic Vipassana technique was taught around the 5th century BC by the historical Gautama Buddha, was maintained through the constant group recitings of Buddhist monks and, finally, was put to paper during the 1st century BC at Sri Lanka, in the Buddhist Pali Canon, which is the first complete writing of the authentic Buddhist Teachings.

Today, this knowledge is mainly held by forest monks who have studied in depth these ancient scriptures in depth in their original language and have practiced these teachings through monastic exercise and meditation.

Among the Canon’s Suttas, Satipatthana Sutta is the one that describes in greater detail the theory and practice of the technique of Vipassana insight meditation.

As a forest monk, Reverend Nyanadassana has taught the Satipatthana Sutta to many pupils in Asia, and he is currently teaching it in the Greek language in our country.