Karma Is Like a Seed

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The seeds only ripen under the right conditions. But if the right conditions are not met, they remain seeds. And if they are destroyed, then they can never mature. If Karma (the Action) finds the opportunity, then it will bring about its effects. If it does not meet the right conditions, it will not mature.

Karma (an Action) may even be destroyed by another Karma (Action). It is therefore important to understand that our current lifestyle, our mood and behaviour can influence the way our old Karma (Actions) grows.

Some past Karma (Actions) is so powerful that they must reach maturation. We cannot escape it no matter what we do. As the Buddha says specifically about the effects of evil actions:

“Neither in the sky nor in the middle of the ocean,
nor by entering a mountain cave,
is there a place in the world where one can escape
the results of evil actions “. (Dh 127)

But for the most part, the maturation of the previous Karma (Actions) depends on the way we live now. If we live carelessly and recklessly, we will give the previous bad Karma (Actions) the opportunity to mature. This may prevent good Karma (Actions) from producing effects, or it may nullify the good effects.

On the other hand, if we now live wisely and prudently, we will give our former good Karma (Actions) the opportunity to mature and prevent the effects of our bad Karma (Actions), i.e. weaken them, destroy them, or prevent their maturation.