Social Contribution

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Apart from the meditation courses that take place in our own space, our Teachers-monks offer the same courses to people that cannot join us due to their tight schedule. These courses can take place in a workplace, a school or any other space, as long as you express your interest.

Spiritual serenity is beneficial for both our mental and our physical health. Peace of mind helps us develop a better relationship with ourselves and, consequently, with the people and the beings that surround us.

A person that is spiritually serene does not bother to get angry, irritated or hold negative feelings towards others; on the contrary, they develop friendly feelings. In this case, when the others see this person be and feel calm and friendly, they are positively affected and, in turn, they become calm and friendly themselves.

Meditation has the power to transform a person’s negative feelings into positive feelings and offer them the chance to find true happiness.

All of the courses are provided free of charge as a social contribution towards our fellow humans, regardless of their religious, political, social or other views; our goal is to develop their spiritual serenity through meditation.