The Law of Attraction

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Here, we must also mention the law of attraction, i.e. “same attracts same”. We are living magnets. What we attract into our lives is whatever is relevant to our prevailing thoughts, words and actions.

If we are ethical, we attract ethical people into our lives. If we are unethical, we attract unethical people.

If we want good, ethical and virtuous people in our lives, we must strive to be good, ethical and virtuous ourselves.

This way, we attract the company of people who make us better, and not the company of those who encourage our worst self. Thus, we are the ones who create our personality through our actions and the ones who reap the fruit. As to how this happens, the Buddha likens it to the work of a painter:

“Suppose a painter using paint and colours creates the full image of a man or a woman, with all their characteristics. Similarly, when one creates something with one’s actions and will, it is the material body that he creates, it is the emotion that he creates, it is the perception that he creates, it is the mental functions that he creates, it is the consciousness that he creates “.

Now, just as a skilled painter can create an image that is beautiful and well-formed, a skilled person with a pure and ethical mind can similarly create a beautiful body with pleasant feelings, emotions, perceptions, etc.

On the other hand, just as a clumsy painter can create an image that is ugly, distorted and unpleasant, a clumsy and unethical person with a confused mind can similarly create an ugly, distorted and unpleasant body with unpleasant feelings, emotions, perceptions , ideas and consciousness. Thus, the Buddha points out:

“Karma (the actions) make the world go round, the actions make this generation spin. Beings are bound by their actions, just as the wheels of a chariot are bound by the axis of rotation”.

Our lives can also be likened to an echo, a reverberation. What we emit, returns back to us. Whatever we give, we receive. Each of our actions has a reaction, an effect.