Started on 04/01/2020Saturday 13.00 - 15.00

Every Saturday, from 13:00 to 15:00, we offer Abhidhamma courses (Analysis and structure of the Mind and Matter, based on the teachings of the Buddha), taught by the Reverend Greek monk Nyanadassana. Information about Abhidhamma in English
Please read the code of conduct carefully before joining us in our space
The courses will take place at the Theravada Buddhist Centre at Agia Paraskevi, 5 Apostolou Pavlou St. Participation and admission are free of charge.
The courses are broadcast live via Zoom and Facebook

Online meditation courses by the Reverend monk Nyanadassana

Theravada Buddhist Centre, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
at 18:45 until 20:45, continues to offer online courses and meditation exercises via Zoom, based on the authentic techniques that the Buddha taught himself 2,500 years ago to his pupils.

Participation is free of charge; in order to register, please click on the link:

We recommend that you watch the below videos and take notes on a piece of paper or your phone in case you have any questions, which will be answered in person by Bhante Nyanadassana.

Calm Meditation:
Insight Meditation:

The courses are taught in Greek by the Revered Buddhist monk Nyanadassana (Ioannis Tselios), who is the first Greek Buddhist monk of the ancient Buddhist tradition Theravada. Bhante Nyanadassana lived as a monk in woodland monasteries in Sri Lanka and Myanmar for 38 years and knows the ancient Pali language at a teaching level. Pali is the authentic ancient Indian language of the Buddha’s teachings. All these years, he had the chance to be taught the Dharma by elder monks and scholars of the Theravada tradition.

Reverend Nyanadassana, before his ordination as a Buddhist monk in 1982 in Sri Lanka, travelled across Europe, Africa, India and Nepal and studied sociology in Germany. He has been teaching Dharma to monks and the people since 1992, in various Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. He belongs to the order of forest monks and is considered a prominent expert of the Buddhist teachings. He has written over ten books and numerous papers in English, German, Sinhalese and Greek, which are all languages he is fluent in. You can learn more on his biography here:

The meditation techniques that are taught concern Calm Meditation, meditation on breathing and on friendliness, as well as Insight Meditation (on applying memory to the body, the feelings and the mind). Insight Meditation (Vipassanā) includes exercises on memory, mindfulness and awareness which are used to observe and comprehend the transient nature of all intellectual and physical phenomena that can cause  unhappiness if they linger.