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“He who is not credulous, who has realised the Unconditioned, who has cut off the links of the round of rebirths, who has destroyed all causes (of good and bad karma) and has discarded all craving, is indeed the noblest of all men”

Dhammapada 97

“Do not associate with evil companions. Do not seek the fellowship of the vile. Associate with good friends. Seek the company of noble people.”

Dhammapada 78

“All mental phenomena have mind as their forerunner. The mind is their leader. They are all mind-made. If one speaks or acts with a pure mind, happiness follows him like his shadow that never leaves him.”

Dhammapada 2

Who we are

Our Buddhist Centre was created through the collaboration of the Cultural Union of Sri Lanka and the Centre of Eastern Philosophy Studies, Civic Non-Profit Organisation. The purpose of our Centre is to provide courses in Buddhist Philosophy and exercises in meditation techniques, translate the Pali Canon in Greek and other languages, offer Pali language courses and publish books on these subjects.


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