Mission and Vision

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In our everyday life, we must face stress and many negative emotions like fear, anxiety, impatience, hate, jealousy, disappointment, greed, rejection. These feelings have existed and pestered humans for ages. All of the wars and conflicts between humans are a result of these negative feelings. It is certain that by reducing them, a better society would emerge, one where people would live at peace with each other and their environment. Meditation is a means to make a person relax internally and weaken these negative feelings.

The mission of our Centre is to provide free meditation courses to the public, regardless of religion, race, social status, age, sexual preferences, gender and political views, in order to find inner serenity through peace of mind and develop friendliness towards all beings and the environment.

Our vision is to make this knowledge of meditation techniques available to anyone seeking to gain peace of mind, through online content, courses, books and audiovisual sources. The peaceful coexistence of humans is based on reducing the suffering caused by negative feelings. Happy people develop their friendliness towards themselves, others and the environment they live in.